Chauffeur Helping Woman out of Limousine --- Image by © Jim Zuckerman/Corbis

What comes to your mind, when you hear this word? The picture of a large and luxurious vehicle driven by a chauffeur pops up at the first thought! Yes, you are absolutely correct. Limo, as it is famously called, is a luxury Sedan or Saloon car, having a lengthened wheelbase and with a partition between the passenger compartment and the driver seat. Many of the Limousines are either owned by the government for the senior politicians or by the companies to take care of executives and senior rank guests. The stretch Limos are also provided at the rental basis for the weddings, parties and other such events by the companies for those people who want to travel in style. A variety of vehicles have been converted into limos including the fast cars and luxury Marques.

Though it is a luxury car, but the comfort is not guaranteed in any of the luxury vehicles, if they are not put into the proper use and selected according to the best type and need. To gain the best possible experience, service and comfort, you need to provide the maximum details to the company. Prepare the details like date and type of event, number of passengers, their ages etc and provide it to the service provider and tell them what you are looking into your Limo. Limos are available for rent on hourly basis also, so considering the type of event; choose the best available option to get the best comfort according to your need.

Before using the Limousine services, do make a note of the number of passengers travelling and then decide the type of Limo you want to ride in. Ranging from 6 passengers to 10 passengers, small Limo bus to Coach Limo bus, there are so many types of Limos, which can cater to any number of your co-passengers and hence you would be able to ride comfortably!

Do not forget to make sure that the Limo you’re opting for has the space, features and look that matches your event type. Also ask about the features like GPS, security, cleanliness, music options, seating arrangement and luggage capacity for large group vehicles. Make sure to enquire about the credibility and insurance of the service provider and license of the driver before booking the vehicle. The driver should not have any criminal background and he should be able to pass drug and alcohol testing. Also try to rent the Limo that can accommodate for at least one to two last minute extra people.

To gain the maximum benefits and get the best comfort, do check out all the available options in the market and call various service providers and get the written quotes from them before making any prior booking of the Limo. Also enquire about the payment options provided by the company. Check on the web and get to know about the service, ratings and reviews of the company before booking their Limousine. Make a note of all the above mentioned points and be rest assured, you will experience the best comfortable ride of your lifetime!